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雅兰蒂邑,隶属于广州市泉德贸易有限公司旗下品牌。作为新兴品牌,雅兰蒂邑与法国知名酒庄GFC & EV合作,GFC & EV于1902年成立,位于夏朗德省的海边,拥有着得天独厚的风土条件以及非常现代化的罐装设备,与威士忌、白兰地、伏特加等原酒专业供应商有着密切合作关系,拥有专业的调酒师和团队为客户提供定制产品。

因此标志以英文呈现为主,呈现洋酒的品质感与国际化。整个字体采用衬线字体,传递出一种经典的贵族韵味,将字母“A”与法国知名建筑巴黎铁塔相结合,并搭配品牌口号“ Produit  en France”,直观传递出雅兰蒂邑产自法国产品优势。

Project Description

ÉLAUDYÉ belongs to the brand of Guangzhou Quande Trading Co., Ltd. As an emerging brand, ÉLAUDYÉ has partnered with GFC & EV, a well-known French winery. GFC & EV was established in 1902 and is located on the seaside in Charente. It has unique geographical conditions and very modern canning equipment. , Brandy, vodka and other original wine professional suppliers have close cooperation, with professional bartenders and teams to provide customized products for customers.

Domestic and foreign wine brands mostly present a sense of history and quality. Most of them are mainly graphics + English or English; graphics-based logo graphics are closely related to the brand name, brand history, brand story, etc. As an emerging brand, ÉLAUDYÉ lacks certain precipitation in the brand history, and It is difficult to extract visual symbols with brand genes from brand names.
Therefore, the logo is mainly presented in English, showing the quality of wine and internationalization. The entire typeface uses serif fonts, conveying a classic aristocratic charm, combining the letter "A" with the famous French building, the Paris Tower, and matching the brand slogan "Produit en France", which intuitively conveys that ÉLAUDYÉ is produced in France Product advantages.


BEST STUDIO is a cutting-edge growth graphic creative studio, involving creative fields such as brand design,font customization, poster design, cultural and creative product development, etc. We advocate combining artistic thinking with business logic, and hope to explore modern design through multi-dimensional thinking and create an effective visual language for customers from an international perspective.

BEST STUDIO & 白色至上设计是一间新锐的成长型图形创意工作室,涉及品牌设计、字体字型定制、海报设计、文创产品开发等创意领域。我们主张将艺术思维与商业逻辑相结合,通过多维度思维探索现代化设计,以国际视野为客户打造有效地视觉化语言。

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